Great Kids

ida lewis rescued numerous swimmers from drowning while keeping the lighthouse at Lime Rock

Ida Lewis was known as the Heroine of Lime Rock. Over the decades she worked as the keeper of the lighthouse in Lime Rock. During her amazing career she rescued numerous drowning swimmers.

Jackie Mitchell the girl that struck out Babe Ruth

Teenager Jackie Mitchell was a pitcher on a minor league baseball team. One afternoon she accomplished a feat that most considered to be impossible. During an exhibition game she struck out the two most famous baseballplayers in the Major Leagues. One was known as the “Iron Horse” and the other was the greatest slugger of all time.

Joe Nuxhall the youngest Major Leaguer in history

Imagine stepping up to the pitcher’s mound in the Major Leagues in a stadium filled with thousands of fans. Imagine facing some of the greatest batters of the day. Now imagine if you were only 15-years-old. Joe Nuxhall was the youngest pitcher in Major League history.

Maria Sanz de Sautuola the child that discovered The Bulls in the Cave

8-year-old Maria Sanz de Sautela was exploring a cave with her father and she discovered the “Bulls in the Cave.”


 President Abraham Lincoln and Tad Lincoln both had a tremendous impact on how we celebrate Thanksgiving. President Lincoln signed the law making Thanksgiving an official holiday. His son Tad, who had a compassionate heart for animals, started an unusual tradition that is carried on to this day.


 The amazing Sybil Luddington was 16-years-old when she rode more than 40 miles to warn the Americans of an attack by the British. A statue of her now stands in New York.

Television was invented by a 14 year old boy

Did you know television was invented by a 14-year-old boy?

Young children led the largest labor strike in U.S. history

In New York thousands of teenagers and adolescents joined together to organize the greatest labor strike in United States history.

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